The Other Wes Moore 5th Post

After reading this book I would definitely give it a positive review because of the writing style and how it captured it’s reader. This being said, I do believe that the beginning was a little sluggish. This was not the author’s fault for he had to tell us about the families and their situations as a foundation for the storyline. This, however, was not the only reason it was slow. The action and excitement didn’t build momentum until Wes gets the head set and they started to get involved with drugs. Once this happened the suspense started to build, leaving the reader wondering what was going to happen to them next. Were they going to get caught by their mothers or, in the other Wes’s situation, by Tony? Were the police going to catch and lock them up? This is not to say that I didn’t like the beginning. It truly was very difficult as the reader to see how both boys had to endure losing their fathers, one passing away and the other leaving by choice. The book did slow down slightly in the middle and end, but overall I really enjoyed it. To me, the ending was not as good as I would have hoped. I wish that something more had happened. As a result, it was not very satisfying. It ended the way it began, very slow.


The Other Wes Moore 4th Post

To begin, I truly enjoyed this book for many reasons, primarily the author’s descriptive writing style. I believe that the author was very successful in bringing this book to life. In the beginning of the book it was a bit difficult to follow because he switched points of view very often. As a result, I didn’t enjoy the book initially but began to once I became acquainted with the characters. I also really enjoyed how descriptive he was in regard to the setting and how people talked, acted, and dressed. This was very helpful in painting a picture in the reader’s head and in bringing the reader into each characters perspective. As I previously mentioned, the author’s ability to successfully paint a vivid picture was very helpful to draw me in and bring me to his world. Not only do I think that he was good at describing people, but he was also very good at describing things to a certain extent, giving his reader a blueprint, but then allowing them to use their own imagination to grasp the setting more clearly. The instances in which this was done best was when he was at the military academy and he tried to escape through the forest, and when the other Wes and his friend where chasing the man with guns.

The Other Wes Moore 3rd Post

I admire the author’s writing style for many reasons. To begin, I like his descriptive style of writing. He went into extreme detail describing his family and other characters, such as the mother and father. This was very helpful for me as a reader to actually see inside of their families’ struggles. This book is different from other books that I have read because of the format in which it was written where it portrays two different perspectives. This style of writing is extremely special because there is only a hand-full of writers who have done the same thing as Wes Moore, which I have read. Rick Riordan is the author of The Heroes of Olympus books, which is where I first encountered this unique writing style. This author, as well, switches through each main character’s interpretation of an event before he moves on. Linda Sue Park is another example of an author who used the same writing style in her book A Long Walk to Water. I still believe, though, that neither of these authors compare to the author of The Other Wes Moore because it is a true story about how two people from the very same background can have two very different fates.

The Other Wes Moore 2nd Post

If the book The Other Wes Moore were to be turned into a movie I don’t think it would work very well for one reason only: the book puts a spotlight on two people as they journey through their lives, and I believe it would be extremely hard to portray this in an easy to follow way. I think that this style of writing worked very well in a written form but I don’t think that it would be the same in a film-setting. If they were to portray only one Wes Moore in a film, I think it would take away from what actually makes this book so enjoyable, which is seeing the paths each of them found themselves in despite their similar roots.


The author’s family:


Wes Moore(author)- Michael B. Jordan

Joy Moore(mother)- Angela Bassett

Nikki Moore(sister)- Amber Stevens West

Shani Moore(sister)- Saycon Senbloh

Westley Moore(Father)- Laurence Fishbourne

Reverend James Thomas(grandfather)- Samuel L. Jackson

Winell Thomas(grandmother)- Whoopi Goldberg

Capt. Ty Hill(Sargent at military academy)- Denzel Washington

Mama(host mother)- Jada Pinkett Smith

Zinzi(host)- Chadwick Boseman

Viwe(host)- Skai Jackson




The Other Wes Moore


Wes Moore(other)- Anthony Mackie

Tony Moore(brother)- Ice Cube

Mary Moore(Mother)- Oprah Winfrey

Bernard Moore(father)- Don Cheadle

Alicia(mother of Wes’s 1st 2 kids)- Raven- Symoné

Cheryl(mother of 3rd and 4th kids)- Paige Hurd

Aunt Nicey(aunt)- Halle Berry





The Other Wes Moore 1st Post

In The Other Wes Moore there were many iconic characters who helped lead the two Wes Moores toward their different fates. Their mothers, school teachers, and other family members all contributed to their path in life. However, Tony, no matter how hard he tried, could not influence Wes to not join the “drug game”. He tried since Wes was a little boy to discourage him from joining a drug gang because of the consequences it has on a person, their education and their safety. Unfortunately, Wes did end up joining the “drug game” at a very young age. I can’t see how I can blame him, though, even though it is extremely dangerous to be involved with drugs. He had to make a little money for himself because of his economic situation. I admire Tony because of his obvious love for Wes in trying to help him not make the same mistakes that he made. Another reason I find him interesting is because, in most cases, he acts as a father figure not only to Wes, but also to his mother. He comforted her when Wes was arrested for attempted murder because their father was no longer around. Tony is my favorite character because he is very daring and compassionate in treating his family members in the manner in which he does. He is, by far, my favorite character.